How To Clean Your Beauty Sponge! (P.S. It is NOT Hard)

We spend so much time and money each year on skincare. We strive to have that perfectly clear, imperfection free skin that just glows. However, one of the most over looked things in our skincare routine that we often fail to do, is clean our beauty tools.

Cleaning your beauty tools removes caked on makeup, oil, dirt and bacteria that has collected on them during use. If you are NOT cleaning these tools regularly then trust me, you are doing a HUGE disservice to your skin.

One particular tool that needs to be cleaned quite frequently, but is probably the most overlooked of all of our tools is the beauty sponge.  I can’t tell you how many people I have chatted with that have told me they either don’t clean their sponges and just throw them out after awhile, OR simply do not know how to actually clean it properly. 

So, I decided to provide a little run down on how to clean your beauty sponge. So, STOP throwing out your sponges (and money) and get on board with this necessary skin care step.


Before – Dirty

How To Clean Your Beauty Sponge:

  1. Grab your sponge and wet it!
  2. Add a small glob off BABY SHAMPOO (Don’t waste your money on expense cleaners. Baby shampoo is highly effective and gentle on your skin. Plus it is super cheap! I paid $3 for 6.8 oz of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo at Walmart)
  3. Squish, Roll, Knead that beauty sponge around in your hand until you start to see the baby shampoo foam and you start seeing product lifting from the sponge.
  4. Add a little more water and continue with step #3.
  5. Rinse the sponge.
  6. If product is still visible on your sponge, REPEAT.
  7. Once your beauty sponge is clean, lay it down to dry on a clean towel, or place it in a beauty sponge holder.

As, you can tell this is NOT hard to do at all, but it is completely necessary. Not cleaning your sponges will result in angry, irritated skin and throwing your sponges away is just dumb. The average cost of a half decent beauty sponge is $10. The cost to buy a small bottle of baby shampoo that will last you months and months is $3.

So grab those beauty sponges and get cleaning!


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