DIY Under $25 Closet Makeover

This past July we moved into our forever home. I love our new house and it has everything that we wanted in a home. Now, one of the compromises of getting a home with everything we wanted, was that it was not 100% turn key. There will definitely be ongoing projects for quite sometime in order to make this house a home. I am totally okay with this though. I love all aspects of home renovation, DIY, interior design, etc. So, the idea of having to put work into this house is absolutely exciting!

Aside from basic painting and visual planning of what I want to do to various spaces, I haven’t done much to the house. So, this past weekend I decided to finally get to work. The first project I wanted to tackle was our upstairs hallway closet, or as my daughter has dubbed it…”THE CREEPY CLOSET“.


Absolutely disgusting! It smells, it has stains all over the wood and walls, crumbs, dead bugs, spider webs. It is down right unpleasant. To be honest the pictures do NOT do justice to how yellow the walls actually are.

The plan is to use this closet as a utility closet. We plan to store items like brooms, mops, the vacuum, rags and other various items in it. So, because of that I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot on it. I decided to set my budget for any purchases for this closet to $25 max.

How I Flipped This Closet:

  1. I removed all the shelves & broken wood from the closet.
  2. I vacuumed up all the crumbs, dust, spider webs, etc.
  3. I sprayed and wiped everything down with Clorox Bleach cleaner.
  4. I lightly sanded all the wood parts (not the floor) and then wiped the closet down once more.
  5. I primed the entire closet using Kilz 2 Primer.
  6. I painted the closet using Behr Marquee paint in the shade “Chic Gray”
  7. The shelves were not in the best of shape and some of the shelves had become warped. Honestly, I did not feel like spending the money on new wood since this is a utility closet, so I decide to make it work. I sanded all the shelves down using 400 grit sand paper.
  8. I wiped the shelves down and primed them using Kilz 2 Primer.
  9. I painted the shelves using the Behr Marquee paint in “Chic Gray”.
  10. After all the paint on the shelves was dry, I sprayed it down with a satin finish sealer to allow for a little more durability.
  11. I put the shelves back into the closet. The shelves are not 100% level and are still warped. I was able to correct this by shimming the space between the shelf and the wood anchor the shelf sits on and then nailing the shelf down.
  12. I covered the shelves with a light gray shelf liner.
  13. I attached (2) wire shelves that I found in the Target dollar bin to the wall under the shelves to hold sponges, rags, etc.
  14. I placed some cute cloth bins I found at Walmart on the shelves, as well as some white plastic bins I found at The Dollar Tree.
  15. Finally, I used some olive oil to clean and polish the hardwood floor.



For this project, I used old paint and primer from prior projects and spent the following:

  • (2) Cloth Bins = $9.94
  • (1) 4 pack of white baskets = $1.00
  • (2) Wire Baskets = $6.00
  • (1) Roll of gray shelf liner – $4.87
  • Pack of paint brushes – $1.00

Total Spend = $22.81

All in all, I like how this closet turned out. It is now functional, clean and no longer creepy. The only thing that I did not do to this closet, that I will likely do later on, is replace the door (and door hardware) as the door is slightly warped and cracked causing it not to close properly. I want to update the all interior doors eventually, so I will tackle this issue then.


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