“Hi, how are ya? We all know I live for making a bold statement. Especially with my makeup. The world needs color and I’m serving it up by the pound. I’m so excited to once again create magic with Morphe and bring this beyond-stunning palette of velvety, vivid shades to life and into your hands. All Jeffree Star Approved™ and created for you. One touch and you’ll be hooked. So dive in and explore your creativity.” – Jeffree Star

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Jeffree Star. Like him or hate him is a makeup master! He knows what he is talking about and has a genuine passion for producing high quality and sometimes “out of the box” makeup. I have tried everything I could possibly get my hands on and I have been nothing less than IMPRESSED with the makeup I have tried thus far. Jeffree Star puts his money where his mouth is when he claims to only want to produce the best product he can. I also applaud him for keeping all his products at a very reasonable price point for the average consumer and not just tailoring to the ultra rich. 

I was super excited when I heard that Jeffree Star was collaborating once again with Morphe to produce an eye shadow palette of 30 shades. I knew I had to get my hands on this and I was able to! Yassssssss! 

So without further a due, lets dive in!

Morphe X Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

I love the packaging. It is clean, simple and undeniably Jeffree Star. The pallet exterior matches the box that it is packaged in. It has a nice weigh and feels high quality. It also comes with a full sized mirror which is awesome. I hate when palettes don’t have mirrors. It is definitely a pet peeve of mine. The palette is large, definitely one of the largest palette I have ever had, but it is not cumbersome in anyway and is actually quite portable. 


For only $35.00 you get 30 gorgeous matte and shimmer shades. 



ROW 1:
– Welcome / shimmering crystal|

– Back / matte blush
– To / shimmering pink pearl
– My / matte cotton candy
– Channel / matte poppy
– Wand Noise / blood orange sheen

ROW 2:
– Lynn / matte cream

– 1985 / matte melon
– Mogul / matte deep magenta
– Self-Made / matte hot pink
– Dog Mom / shimmering pinky peach
– Honest Truth / matte coral    

ROW 3:
– Designer Label / shimmering champagne

– Mr. Diva / matte tangerine
– Boss Angeles / matte cayenne
– Pink Fleet / matte fuchsia
– Calabasas / matte merlot
– Don’t Know Her / shimmering bubblegum pink

ROW 4:
– Rolls With It / shimmering cool gold

– Millions / golden glitter
– Girrrl / shimmering copper
– What’s the Tea? / matte ochre
– Vroom Vroom / matte slate gray
– Custom Rims / shimmering polished silver

ROW 5:
– Glam Rapids / shimmering golden mint

– Wake & Bake / matte avocado green
– Nate / matte bright green
– Drive-Thru / shimmering antique gold
– Hi Dude! / matte dark chocolate
– Fast Lane / matte ink black

One shade in particular that I have to call attention to is “Millions”  which is located in the 4th row of this palette. This is a golden pressed glitter. That’s right, GLITTER! I love glitter, but I am not a fan of glitter eye shadows. I hate when you take the time to create a gorgeous look, then you put some glitter on your lid and 5 seconds later it’s all over your face! Feeling like one of those damn vampires from that Twighlight movie with my skin twinkling in the sunlight is NOT my thing. So, initially when I saw this shade I was like “PASS”! However, Morphe X Jeffree Star absolutely knocked this one out of the park. This pressed glitter is so creamy and it STAYS PUT on your lid. I LOVE that you can put it on, blend it out and glitter doesn’t get all over your face. The color is is just blinding and bold. It is absolutely gorgeous. 


The rest of the shades are also creamy, super pigmented and there is very minimal fall out. I recommend with any look setting your makeup with a good setting spray. 

I am totally feeling this palette. It is amazing and worth every penny (IMO). The shades are absolutely gorgeous and that pressed glitter…OMG! I seriously hope he comes out with a mini palette of pressed glitter using this formula. I would be LIVING for that!

Verdict? If you can’t already tell the Morphe X Jeffree Star Artistry Palette is FAB FAB FAAAAB! Check it out!

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