Fab or Fail? Aesthetica Contour Series Lip Kit Review

Happy March All! It feels like this year is just flying by. I mean seriously, life needs to SLOW WAY DOWN.

Recently, I tried out the Aesthetica Contour Series Lip Kit. I had initially received this way back in my Yes, Oh Yas! November 2018 Box and I finally got to give it a go and review it. 

Check it out!


Product Description:

The Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit is the only all-inclusive lip palette in the industry. Each kit includes: Five (5) Gorgeous extended wear Lip colors (Jet Setter, Célfie, Media Darling, It Girl, Glam Squad) PLUS our exclusive Lip-popping Highlighter (Pop Princess), Two (2) Double-ended long wear Lip Contouring Pencils (Bombshell, Swag, Stalker, Party Girl) and a pro-approved lip brush for flawless application. Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and lip contour tutorials so you can master your favorite celebrity lip contouring techniques like a pro! Specially formulated to work with all skin tones!


How To Use:

Instructions are included in each kit.



Review Results:


When I initially received this lip kit in my Yes, Oh Yas! November 2018 Box, I was super excited. I have the Aesthetica Cream Contour Series palette for your face and I absolutely love it. So, I sort of just assumed that I would love this lip kit. Well, in the words of Jeffree Star… Gurrrrrrl. NOPE! Now, before I say why I didn’t like it, let me tell you what I did like. I really liked the packaging as it was sturdy, simplistic and compact. I love that the kit included lip colors, lip highlighter, contour lip pencils and a pro lip brush. That is fantastic. Everything you essentially need for a perfect lip, all right there in one spot. All the colors are pretty and can be used together to create an array of different lip looks. Now, what I didn’t like about this kit was the actual formula itself. The dual ended contour pencils don’t seem to have a consistent formula. Some of them went on smooth and sleek, while some of them were dry and rough and it was nearly impossible to apply. I am talking like sand paper to my lips people. The highlighter formula was on the dry side as well. It did not blend out nicely and at times was rather chunky. As for the actual lip color, it was very creamy and smooth, but it bleeds horribly and the color absorbs deep into you lips. When I managed to actually pull a lip look together, it looked nice for like a minute before it just started to feather out, smudge and start to look awful (Which stinks cause the look is actually quite nice, so total BUMMER!) This lip formula is absolutely NOT something you could wear out, as you would have to fix it every 5 minutes and it would get on everything. Just terrible. Now, I did try to counter this by utilizing a few tricks that I have learned over the years to prevent bleeding lip color. The first think I did was to apply a clear lip liner just outside the lip line in hopes that it would provide a barrier. NOPE didn’t work. Next, I tried applying a highlighter around the rim of my mouth….FAIL. I tried blotting and setting my lips with translucent powder…FAIL. I tried priming my lips with concealer…FAIL. I mean nothing stopped this product from bleeding and smearing. I was super disappointed as I really wanted to find a way to make this product work and be able to love it. Unfortunately, this lip color had me looking like Harley Quinn with her bright, hot mess smeared lip color up her face. Just awful! Another thing that was aggravating, but not the end of the world since I wear lip color daily, was that this formula also absorbs into your lips pretty badly. I initially had used a Neutrogena makeup wipe to remove the lipstick, followed by Klorane Micellar water. After using bother of those products, I still had a pretty deep stain on my lips. I tried going in with Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil and that didn’t do anything. The last thing I tried was warmed olive oil and that removed a little more of the color, but I still had a pink stained lip. Ultimately, I really don’t like when a product stains your lips to the point you can’t remove it and then you get stuck with lip color residue on your lips for a few days until it fades.

20190227_232227 (1)

This photo doesn’t do justice, but I am a pale person and my lips are not naturally that pink!

All in all, the concept of this kit is great, but the formula IMO needs some work. There is nothing worse than a lip that doesn’t stay put no matter what tactics you employ. So, in my book this is a FAIL! 


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One thought on “Fab or Fail? Aesthetica Contour Series Lip Kit Review

  1. Interesting review! I enjoyed reading it. While I like the idea of a lip palette, I can’t help but find them to be so…messy. It’s cool that they included lip liners with the palette, but a shame they didn’t work!


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