Fab or Fail? Academy of Colour Nudes 28-Shades Eyeshadow Palette Review

Some will say you can never have too much of a good thing. Makeup to me is a good thing and I will definitely say I have too much. When it comes to shadow palettes, I definitely have WAY TO MANY! I have so many shadow palettes that I honestly probably would never need to purchase shadow ever again in my lifetime. I fully blame this on beauty box subscriptions and the fact I am impulsive. Any who, because I can’t pass up a good deal, I ended up purchasing the Academy of Colour’s 28 shade “Nudes” Palette from Kohl’s back in December 2018. It was on sale for $12.50 and I had a gift card, so naturally I just had to buy it (No, I totally didn’t) I have been using this palette for roughly two months now.


Overall, for a 28 shade shadow palette it’s not that bad. It’s actually pretty good if you are looking for budget friendly makeup, but for a hardened beauty fanatic, I would say it’s not the best.



Key Points To Know About This Palette:

  • There are 28 total shades
  • The shades are made up of matte and shimmer sheen
  • This will work with any eye color
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Minor fall out (I recommend using a primer on your lid)

Now, I have to say my opinion of this palette is that it is mostly good. I have been using this palette exclusively for my work makeup. When I go to work, I am not going full glam. It is more of a natural look. The nude colors in this palette really help give me that natural and yet done up look. The pigmentation of this palette is decent, however if you are into creating ultra glam looks, then I would not recommend this palette. It takes a lot of product to really make a color pop. It also does not blend that well. Because of this, I tend to really only use one color on my lid when I am using this. The fall out of the shadow is minimal, but I highly recommend a primer on your lid. I also find that this doesn’t work well for under the eye shadow applications. One other thing I have to mention, is that this has a bit of a chemical smell to it. I know some makeup does and this is one of them. So, just be prepared for that. 

Ultimately, this is a nice everyday palette for anytime of the year. It is fantastic for creating you basic look, and if you are working on a budget, is definitely wallet friendly. I would say this for the most part is FAB!

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