The Great Husky Blow Out! Tips For Surviving Your Dog’s Shedding


My huskies are blowing (shedding) their coats again. Lately, my house is a constant winter wonderland of white, soft, fluffy fur. The fur tufts skip across the floor like tumble weeds and seem to take utter enjoyment it in sticking to my pants, shirts, curtains, couch, bed, husband, food and pretty much everything else. It is ridiculous! 


Tufts of fur preparing to fall off!


Now, in the past 3 years of owning huskies, we have gotten fairly used to this and every year we are able to get the “FURpocalypse” a little more in check. So, in this post, I wanted to share my tips for surviving these epic shedding sessions and BEST OF LUCK to all of you going through this madness!


Tips For Surviving Your Dog’s Shedding:

  1. Invest in a good vacuum. Until I owned huskies, I never spent money on a decent vacuum. I didn’t care. If it sucked the crap up off the floor and my floor looked clean, then I was good. However, it was because of these husky blow outs that I actually was driven to purchase a decent vacuum and it really did make all the difference. Instead of having to vacuum the same spot 4 times in order to remove all the fur, I can do it in one pass.
  2. Vacuum every single day during their blow out. Ok, so I know this may not be possible for everyone. But for me this is absolutely a must. If I don’t vacuum every single day during their blow outs, my house is over run by fur. This of course means the next day I have to spend double the time vacuuming. So try to do it everyday. 
  3. Invest in a quality deshedding tool. In the past we would use a basic dog grooming brush. It wasn’t until last year we decided to actually invest in the FURminator Deshedding Tool and let me tell you that tool was worth every single penny. This brush by far is the best on the market and pulls out all of the undercoat. The dogs still drop a TON of hair and I honestly could brush my dogs for hours, but this tool has definitely allowed me to control the amount of fur being dropped and helps shorten the overall time of the blow outs.
  4. Lint Rollers are your friend! Just get one. Your clothes will thank you!
  5. Try to limit your dogs roam of the house during shed. If you can, try to keep you dog in a more generalized area of your home during their shed. For us we try to keep the dogs primarily in the living room and kitchen area. This way not as much fur is in the other parts of the house, which makes managing the fur clean up easier. 


Ultimately, the biggest thing you need to do in order to survive your dog’s shedding period is to JUST ACCEPT IT! There is going to be fur everywhere even with your best of efforts. It’s a pain, it’s annoying, but it’s part of owning these furry friends and it’s every bit worth the aggravation!



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