Perfection In A Lip Mask? Kocostar Rose Lip Mask Review

While we haven’t had any major snow so far here in Massachusetts (knock on wood) the temperatures have been frigid! When the temperatures get frigid my lips tend to get moody! I was that kid that would have those super chapped lips with that painful red line drawn around their perimeter. As a result, I developed what you may consider a Chapstick addiction. I mean I always have chapstick or some sort of hydrating lip balm with me at all times. I can’t sleep with out my lips having a moisturizing balm on them. If my lips don’t slide smoothly together I can’t function. That is how bad it’s gotten. I know what you are thinking and yes, my Chapstick addiction is that bad. Any who, as I have gotten older I have learned the importance of taking care of your lips. As an adult, I have learned and understand that lips are skin and need love too. So, I have learned to incorporate lip care into my daily skin care routine. However, during the winter, I really go above and beyond. The horror of my bright red, flaking, painful lips haunt me and I make sure that I do not neglect my lips.


One of my favorite lip masks that I recently got to try is the Kocostar Rose Lips Mask. This is a Hydro-gel lip patch full of a ton of ultra-hydrating ingredients like glycerin, panthenol and castor oil. It also contains some botanicals like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender which help to plump your pout ever so slightly.



Application is a breeze. Simply place the patch on your lips for 10-15 minutes and wait for it to do its thing. I do love the unlike many hydro-gel masks this one is not super slimy. It stuck quite easily to my lips and stayed put without me having to adjust it. The only time I did have to adjust it was when my husband made me laugh and it shifted slightly. (Which I should warn, you won’t be able to speak or move that portion of your face when this is on. So, if you have a spouse, roommate, sibling, etc that is going to take enjoyment in trying to make you laugh, or talk like my husband did, then you may want to wait to use this until you are alone). In the end, I left it on for closer to 20 minutes. It was easily removed and WOW did it make a huge difference in my lips. They felt and were visibly hydrated. They had a slightly fuller and more plump appearance to them as well. The texture of my lip seemed much improved. It was no longer rough and cracked. My lipstick and liners went on so smoothly after using this. Totally the result of having a near perfect base to lay on. This mask definitely worked some magic!



So…..the verdict? TOTALLY ON THE FENCE WITH THIS ONE! BAM! You weren’t expecting that since everything was seemingly so positive in this post and quite honestly neither was I. Ultimately, I really, really wanted to tell you guys that this is the greatest lip mask ever, but I just can’t. Let me say this is a great lip mask! Absolutely amazing and works wonders….Initally. However, I have a huge issue with this mask as well. My problem is the actual effects of the mask wear off quickly. I had put this on prior to going out to a party and after only a couple of hours the effects were gone and you would have thought I had never used it. I mean that for me almost makes this mask not worth it. Hopefully this company can work to increase the duration of the effects, so that one could at least get more than just a few short hours of lip perfection. 


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One thought on “Perfection In A Lip Mask? Kocostar Rose Lip Mask Review

  1. I’ve been wanting to try a lip mask! They seem so interesting and my lips get so dry during the colder months, too. I hate how lip products never really hydrate your lips for long!


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