Just Breathe! The Search For Your Perfect Hand Cream Is Over! Lollia “Breathe” Hand Creme Review

I love lotions and body butters. I use them each and every day. I will slather them over every inch of my body, so that my skin stays hydrated. Up until recently though, I never had a cream that was purely dedicated and specifically made for skin on my hands. For no reason what so ever, I decided to pick up the Lollia “Breathe” Hand Creme with my FabFitFun Winter Add-Ons. This turned out to be one of the better decisions of mine recently. This stuff is AMAZING!


First off let me start by saying this hand cream has the most amazing floral scent. Peony and White Lily make up the most feminine, light scent I have ever come across in a cream. Typically, I avoid fragrant or overly fragrant creams, because fragrance is a migraine trigger for me. This has yet to trigger a migraine! The shea butter and other ingredients take my hands from their dry, cracked Sahara Desert look to a moisturized, renewed and glowing appearance. The difference in my hands since I started using has been significant. The formula is not greasy and absorbs quickly leaving you hands super soft. The biggest concern I had for this cream when I received it, was that it contains Macadamia Seed Oil. I did not realize this initially and would not have purchased it, because I have a nut allergy. Well, let me say I have had no reactions to this what so ever. Perhaps, the reaction is not there because I am not ingesting the Macadamia, or that it’s not that prevalent within this particular formula. Typically, when I come in contact with nut oil, I break out in a “hive-y” rash all over. So far, I have not had any irritation, which is super lucky of me considering when I first put this on, I had not yet read the instructions (which was down right dumb of me).


Brand New – Completely Full




After 1 month of daily use (multiple times a day).

Overall, I give Lollia’s “Breath” Hand Creme a big two thumbs up! My hands have been so soft and their condition visibly improved. The scent is amazing (Lollia please start making candles!) and very feminine. Now, in my opinion, this is a little on the pricey side for hand lotion. However, a little goes a long way and you get a decent size at 4 oz. After using this for a while, I definitely would say that I would feel comfortable repurchasing this at $25.00 (I really think it’s that good).

What are your favorite hand creams?


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