Peaches & Petals October 2018 Box Review

The October 2018 Peaches & Petals Box has arrived. This is a monthly lifestyle box that costs $19.99.

This is my second Peaches & Petals Box. The first Peaches & Petals box I received was the September 2018 box. I was not feeling that box and thought that it was a fail. I have been excited to receive the October 2018 with hopes that it would be better than the first box.

Check it out…

Nubian Heritage – Goat’s Milk & Chai Bar Soap20181025_222430

Lindt HELLO – Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar

Lindt HELLO – Caramel Brownie Chocolate Bar

Meridian Point Originals Collection – Photo Clip LED String Lights

It’s Fall Y’All” – Not sure what this is exactly????

Ultimately, this box again was another FAIL. I was really hoping that there would be some sort of thought behind the curation. When I look at this box, I just see a bunch of random stuff thrown in a box. It doesn’t feel like there is any cohesiveness with this box. I liked the “Lindt HELLO Caramel Brownie Chocolate Bar” the most. The “It’s Fall Y’All” item (which I honestly don’t even know what it is) is my least favorite. When I had originally signed on for this box, I had done so after seeing some previous boxes that did seem to have some thought behind them and contained some cute items. It feels like that has drastically changed. Hopefully they pull it together, because right now this just feels like a HUGE waste of money!


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