Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2018

The Walmart Summer 2018 Beauty Box has arrived!

FYI…If you don’t like knowing what is in a box then stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!

My first impression was immediately that this box was gorgeous. In my opinion, this is definitely their best box design yet. Typically, I find their packaging to be rather boring, especially in comparison to the other beauty boxes out there. This box though is definitely a huge improvement. This box screams femininity! Loving it!

Check it out below!


What I received in my Walmart Summer 2018 Beauty Box:

  • PANTENE PRO-V – Sheer Volume Foam Conditioner
  • GARNIER FRUCTIS – Damage Repairing Treat, 1 Minute Hair Mask + Papaya Extract
  • GARNIER SKINACTIVE – Soothing 3-IN-1 Day & Night Mask w/ Rose Water
  • KLEENEX – Gentle Clean Wet Wipe
  • LALAFOX – Milk Moisturizing Mask
  • HALLU – Unicorn Beach Bath Bomb


This box contained samples of a few things that I had been looking to try, but overall was mostly just foil pack samples, which I am honestly not a huge fan of. Ultimately, this was not my favorite of boxes. However, for only $5.00 a quarter, I can’t complain. I am excited to see what I get this fall!


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3 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2018

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