Taco Wheel

My husband carries on a weekly affair with tacos and taco meat. It is his must have food that he would seemingly seize to exist if he didn't have it. He will buy an absurd amount of ground beef and make a ridiculous amount of taco meat. Now, I am not saying I don't like … Continue reading Taco Wheel

Answering Your Questions: My Favorite Bands & Music

This week, I received a question from someone asking what music I like and who is my favorite band. So, I thought I would do a quick post answering their question. I grew up in a household that I would say was a "Rock & Roll" household. Both of my parents have (in my opinion) … Continue reading Answering Your Questions: My Favorite Bands & Music

Hershey’s S’mores Cookie Cups

Summertime is S'mores time. So, for these few short warm weather months, I take full advantage and a make a TON of S'mores related desserts (Check out my Ooey, Gooey S'mores Cookie Crumble Bars). This weekend, I decided to try making some S'mores Cookie cups. They are absolutely delicious and simple to make. Check them … Continue reading Hershey’s S’mores Cookie Cups

Graze Review

So, I was lucky enough recently to be able to try Graze! Graze is a subscription box service that sends you yummy, healthy and natural snacks on either a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. These snacks are all portion controlled, nutritionist approved and contain zero artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Sounds pretty good doesn't … Continue reading Graze Review

5 Things That Help Me Manage My Daily Pain…

Pain sucks! It's never fun waking up and feeling like "Today is the day I am going to conquer the world!" only to immediately feel shitty, because you suddenly have horrific back pain, leg pain or some other awful pain. Pain is a downer....like a Maaaaajor downer. I for one am totally fed up with … Continue reading 5 Things That Help Me Manage My Daily Pain…