DIY: Dollar Tree Candle Holders

  I did a Dollar Tree haul recently. I picked up a bunch of items for super cheap and was able to do a bunch of DIY projects with them. One DIY project I did was the pillar candle holders you see above. I have been in need of decent pillar holders for some time … Continue reading DIY: Dollar Tree Candle Holders

Beauty: Tarte Cosmetics Haul

It's spring which means I have been in full on spring clean mode. With my spring cleaning, I typically do a large purge of my makeup and beauty products. The reason I do such a large purge of my collection is because summer is right around the corner. For me at least, summer is my … Continue reading Beauty: Tarte Cosmetics Haul

Marshmallow In The Middle Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a favorite in my household. My kids gobble them up like they are going out of style. I decided with our most recent batch to add a twist to the classic chocolate cupcake I usually make and added marshmallow! It was so simple and yielded delicious results!  Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups flour … Continue reading Marshmallow In The Middle Cupcakes

BzzAgent Product Testing…

One thing I enjoy doing is reviewing products. My favorite platform for product reviews is BzzAgent.  BzzAgent is a product testing company. They are based in Boston, MA and claim to be the leading W.O.M (Word of Mouth) marketing company out there. In order to participate in the product testing you will need to go … Continue reading BzzAgent Product Testing…

DIY: Floral Front Door Wreath

It's spring!!! I have been busy with my spring cleaning and projects. One of the projects I have been doing is fixing up the "curb appeal" of my home. One thing that came to mind when I was looking at the front of my house was that my door was missing something. It is a … Continue reading DIY: Floral Front Door Wreath