DIY: Mini Crate Shelving

Hey all! As you know, I am in the process of renovating my bathroom.  My bathroom is on the smaller side and it has proven to be a designing challenge.  I am constantly struggling with trying to create a visually appealing bathroom, and at the same time creating a space that is functional. This past … Continue reading DIY: Mini Crate Shelving

Recipe: Vanilla Halloween Cupcakes

In the spirit of Halloween, my daughter and I made Halloween cupcakes today.  We decided to make a simple Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla frosting.  We made the actually cupcake batter from scratch and used Betty Crocker's Whipped frosting.  It is the only frosting my daughter will eat.  If she was not such a picky pants, … Continue reading Recipe: Vanilla Halloween Cupcakes

DIY: Dryer Sheet Floor Cleaning!

Floors are one of the first things you see when you come into someone's home.  People sometimes spend hundreds a year in an attempt to have that sparkly clean floor.  Well, I to strive to have that A+floor.  I have an arsenal of cleaning products and polishes.  My floors are a mix of hardwood, ceramic … Continue reading DIY: Dryer Sheet Floor Cleaning!

DIY: Lighted Tree Fall Decor

A Christmas tree is probably one of my all time favorite decorations ever.  I absolutely love turning off all the lights and having my Christmas tree cast a warm, cozy glow over our living room. I find it truly enjoyable and  absolutely relaxing. So this past weekend, when I was binge watching Game of Thrones, … Continue reading DIY: Lighted Tree Fall Decor

Fun times camping with Jetta… via Jetta Jenga

Sometimes when your camping it's fun to play games at your dog's expense. Jetta was absolutely wiped from playing at the dog park all day. We tried getting her up with hot dogs, toys, and offered to take her for a walk. She merely would crack and eye open and go back to sleep. So … Continue reading Fun times camping with Jetta… via Jetta Jenga