Worst Halloween Candies for your Teeth!


For the candy lovers out there, Halloween might very well be the greatest day in existence.  A day where you can go and get as much candy as you are willing to walk for.  I always remember trying each year to fill up an entire king sized pillow case.  I would stay out for hours upon hours gathering my candy.

After, when I would come home, my parents would always allow us to indulge a bit.  We weren’t obviously allowed to eat the entire pillowcase, but were allowed to have a fairly generous amount. I would excitedly unwrap my candy and stuff my face full until  I couldn’t eat anymore. O man it was delicious!
Candy (1)

(There is always a Simpson reference for everything! LOL)

When I had achieved my maximum candy fill, my mother would always yell at my brother and I to brush our teeth.  She would make sure we did an “extra” good job on this night.  She would always say if we didn’t do an “extra” good job brushing, that our teeth would turn black like little pebbles and fall out of our faces.  Of course, I just rolled my eyes because I was a kid and she was a mom.

But, have you every wondered if candy actually rots your teeth? Well, yes, obviously it does if you don’t properly brush your teeth after.  Did you know that some types of candy is worse than others? Well it’s True! 

According to Reader’s Digest these are the “Top 5 Worst Halloween Candy for your Teeth, According to Dentists“. 

Turns out I eat every one of these and my mom was right (Don’t ever tell her I admitted that).  Just remember, on Halloween enjoy your candies, stuff your face until you can’t eat anymore. But remember, to brush those teeth “extra” good!


**No… I was not paid by Reader’s Digest to write this post.  I came across this and thought I’d pass it along to everyone 🙂

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