2017 Hot Toys!

Christmas is coming!
Christmas time for any parent is full of cheer and relaxation! LOL YAH RIGHT! Christmas Day for me personally is the day when I actually can relax.  I have purchased all my gifts, wrapped everything, baked everything and I finally after months of running around like a psycho woman can take a deep breath and just enjoy the day.

The months leading up to Christmas are stressful and just crazy.  I try to be the good parent and keep a running list of items that my children throughout the year have stated they want.  I always try to be pre-emptive when it comes to what I think will become that “Must have” toy that people go insane for.  We all remember Furbies, Tickle Me Elmo and most recently Hatchimals.  Yah, I was one of those ridiculous parents that paid too much to an online vendor cause my daughter (at the very last-minute) became dead set on needing to have one or her life was over.

For the most part, I am pretty good about accurately placing my bets on the “Hot Ticket” items and typically I don’t have curve balls, like I had last year with the Hatchimal.  One helpful thing I check every year is the Toys R’ Us yearly “Hot Toy List”.  I don’t understand how they honestly figure that these are the “hot” toys,  but it has helped me and I find it to be fairly spot on.

So, for any parents out there that are looking to try to beat the crazy that comes with the season of giving.  Check out this list and start formulating your action plan!



**I was not paid by Toys R Us to write this.  I provided this post because this list has actually helped me in my seasonal gift shopping but giving me an idea of what toys could potentially be the big ticket items that could fly off the shelves and not be available. Which would leave my kids cranky and me stressed!

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