Coming Soon…JClectic will be on Etsy!

Hi Guys! Over the past few weeks, I have received some wonderful feedback from my readers.  Many of you have said I should open my own Etsy shop and sell the items I flip. Well, I have decided to take your advice! In a few weeks, I will be opening my own shop! Stay Tuned! … Continue reading Coming Soon…JClectic will be on Etsy!

DIY: Panel Door Coffee Table

So this weekend I hit up the local Flea Market.  I absolutely love the Flea Market.  They have everything from antiques to store surplus. I always manage to find at least one cool item that I can flip.  This weekend I did a fairly decent sized haul and one of the things I picked up … Continue reading DIY: Panel Door Coffee Table

DIY: Picture Frame Wall Decor

So, this weekend I did a Flea Market haul, and I got a ton of really cool stuff that I plan on flipping! One of the things, I end up getting, was a pack of old wooden picture frames.  They were bland, boring and perfect! I immediately got the idea to turn this into an … Continue reading DIY: Picture Frame Wall Decor

DIY: Distressed Rustic Sundae Dish Wall Decor

The other morning, I was at home watching HGTV and this show Flea Market Flip was on. I am sure some of you have heard of it. It's the show where teams get $500 bucks to go to a flea market and pick out the items they will flip. Well, I had never seen this … Continue reading DIY: Distressed Rustic Sundae Dish Wall Decor

DIY: Gem & Sparkle Bedside Jewelry Glass

  Recently, I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  I had reached the point of them overflowing.  I had way too much of EVERYTHING.  I swear, I had about a 1000 cups, plates and bowls.  It all just had to go. I ended up donating just over half of what we owned to a local … Continue reading DIY: Gem & Sparkle Bedside Jewelry Glass