Meet Mavis…

You may have noticed that I have a HUGE love for animals.  My pets are NOT just pets they are members of my family and I love them all very much.  I enjoy being able to share them with all of you.  So from time to time, I like to post just a quick post featuring one of my pets.

So let me introduce Mavis!

Mavis is my 2-year-old “work shop kitty”.  She has two passions in life.  The first one is lazy lounging on our John Deere lawn mower and the second is following me around destroying all my projects.


Mavis first came to us from a woman who clearly had no business in having any animals.  She kept just letting her cat have kittens and was doing absolutely NOTHING to provide care or work towards spaying her cat.  Mavis was the last kitten there and was in horrible condition.  She was underweight, clearly younger than 8 weeks and absolutely crawling with fleas.  Regardless, I took her immediately (yes, I did report this awful woman).  It took weeks to eradicate the problems and get her on a healthy track.  The hardship was worth it though, as she is hands down the most even-tempered, patient, laid back cat I have ever encountered.


Mavis is everything I would want in a cat.  She is friendly, she kills any bug she sees, she likes everyone and will gladly provide endless kitty hugs.

Mavis is very nurturing and we often call her “Nurse Mavis”.  This is because if  you are not 100% you, due to being hurt or sick, she will be right with you until you feel better.  She will NOT leave your side before you are better.  The only time she will leave your side is if she needs to eat or use the litter box.  Case in point, I had my appendix out and she laid with me for 4 days until I could actually walk.  (Excuse the picture, my husband took it the day I came home from the hospital.  By far the worst pain I have ever experienced)


So be prepared for many more appearances by this furry meatball.  She brings a smile to my face everyday and I’m positive she may bring one to yours as well.

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