DIY: Concrete Fire Bowl

Materials Needed: Quick mix concrete Petroleum Jelly Damp Rag Bowls for molds (one bowl needs to fit inside the other such as 22” and 18”) Wire Mesh River Stones, Fire Glass, or Fire Beads Long Lighter Drill ½” Masonry Bit Mixer Bucket Rubber Gloves Dust Mask Goggles Mallet Orbital Sander 220 Grit Sanding Block Canned … Continue reading DIY: Concrete Fire Bowl

My Scrap Wood TV Console…

House De-cluttering!  Everyone's favorite thing to to do! LOL...Yah Right! So, I have been in the process of decluttering my house.  As one would imagine, it is not an easy process and it often proves to be extremely difficult.  I have been attempting to break my clutter into multiple categories based on where things are … Continue reading My Scrap Wood TV Console…

My Deck Transformation…..

Deck Transformation! Tah-Dah!!! After a few weeks of tedious work and setbacks, I finally have renovated my old, broken down, weathered deck.  Gone are the days of splinters and my feet going through rotted boards.  I mean it was exciting and all playing the "Splinter or No Splinter" game (just kidding), but this deck had … Continue reading My Deck Transformation…..

DIY: Aromatic Mosquito Repellent Plants

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is hang outside by the fire.  I find it extremely relaxing to get my over sized sweater on, some leggings, my slippers and a big glass of wine and just relax with the family on the deck next to the fire.  It is a calm … Continue reading DIY: Aromatic Mosquito Repellent Plants